About Glaucia Jones

Just wanted to let everyone know what this page is all about! My name is Glaucia Jones and as much as I love sweets, I don’t like what they do to my body. Over the past few years I have been reading more and more stories in the news about all the damage that sugar and artificial sweeteners cause to our bodies. When I became a mother 5yrs ago I wanted to be able to give my kids treats, but I felt bad doing it because of all the sugar. I happened to be married to the owner of a company that sells a sweetener that is pretty amazing. When you think about it: Natural, Low Calorie, Bakes Well, and Tastes Great (even when eating it straight). This page is somewhere where I can post great tips and recipes on cooking with these sweeteners for everyone to see. I would love to get your feedback as well on what you did and didn’t like about the recipes.

What I Cook With

My favorite thing to cook with is Lite&Sweet. When cooking with Xylitol a small percentage of the people will get an upset stomach and gas, when cooking with Lite&Sweet this doesn’t happen. Because Lite&Sweet is Xylitol and Erythritol and this combination is digests slower so you wont experience those discomforts. Lite&Sweet is all natural sugar-alcohols found in fruits and vegetables, it has a low glycemic of seven with only 3 calories per serving, it does not affect your blood sugar levels and it is a healthier sugar for adult and children. Not only are these completely natural sweeteners, but there is so much research out there about how they help to prevent tooth decay, and prevent upper respiratory infections. I hope you enjoy the website, and please feel free to contact me Glaucia Jones with any comments or questions.

Why Sugar Is Bad For You! Use Xylitol

Surprisingly enough we know that sugar is actually tied to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, hyperactivity, and even your own cavities. Sugar is in everything from the sauces you eat to the dressings that you put on your salad. Unfortunately we cannot escape it! We...

My Sugar Free Magazine Feature

I recently had four of my Sugar Free recipes Dishes published in the Fall edition of Healthy Living Magazine. This magazine is published four times a year for each season. It shares so many great insights on ways to live a happier and healthier life. These four...

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