Top Sugar Free Smoothies

Not a day go by that I go without a sweet cold refreshing healthy packed smoothie. I love them so much I even use them sometimes as a meal replacement when I add protein powder to them. Did you know you can make your smoothies between 1,000 to 1,300 calories and sip all that good stuff.  I sometimes do that when I have to run errands all morning so I am not starving and eating unhealthy.  Smoothies taste so delicious I just love drinking a smoothie that I can easily make at home with the ingredients I’ve selected that are good quality, good portion and no sugar added full with vitamins, minerals, fibers and protein. I try to combine ingredients that taste well together and bring good flavor the the smoothie.  Another reason I love smoothies is that I get to hide my veggies in them, even if you hate veggies you should eat them to stay feeling well. This is a great tricks to get your kids to eat more veggies, hide in their smoothies and sweeten with a natural sweetener I recommend Lite and Sweet, they won’t be able to tell you have veggies and will sweet and delicious for them to enjoy. If you are looking for a sweet tropical smoothie and also want to get as much ingredients possible try the Sugar Free Green Tropical Smoothie it’s delicious, sweet and pack a healthy punch of greens. Another one of the three smoothies I really like to drink is the Sugar Free Sunny Hawaiian Smoothie because it reminds me of an orangecicle its so good and loaded with vitamin C. Lastly is my all time favorite Sugar Free Black Cherry Chocolate Smoothie where is full of excellent ingredients and antioxidants to help our bodies heal and turn over healthy cells but also keeping a sweet chocolaty cherry taste.

Sugar Free Green Tropical Smoothie

You may wonder why smoothies are a smart choice for health? First let’s think about our bodies and more specific our intestine. Did you know an average person has a twenty-five feet of intestine. Now imagine all the food we eat needs to pass through the intestine and when we make a smoothie we provide our bodies with a blended healthy concoction that our intestine won’t have as much work to process. The other point I like to bring up about choosing to drink smoothies is that many of us from time to time may suffer from constipation, heartburn, and unstable blood sugar level, drinking a smoothie is the solution the short term help for gut health. Smoothies are excellent source of vitamins and minerals because we are absorbing all the liquidified fruits and vegetables nutrients. When we sip our smoothies the drink enters our stomach slowly and because its liquid passes through our body quickly from our stomach making it less reflux problems for heartburn. Being liquid fruits and vegetables is a great source of high-fiber natural laxative as well helping maintain weight control. Keeping us full and satisfied with the healthy fruits and vegetables as well increasing our fiber intake and contributing to a healthy colon.

You will enjoy this Sugar Free Green Tropical Smoothie in so many levels, the ones I mentioned above and the fantastic sweet tropical flavor. You won’t even be able to tell is a green smoothie. Especially if you hate kale and all green smoothies this recipe would be excellent of you to try. I make specifically for my picky daughter that won’t have anything green. I make it sweet and tropical enough that when I place it in a insulated dark cup with a lid and straw she doest know she is drinking a green smoothie instead she thinks of a sweet pineapple, mango, banana smoothie and It does the trick in providing you and any picky eaters in your family a good dose of vegetables. Try the recipe, I promise you will enjoy!

Sugar Free Sunny Hawaiian Smoothie

Smoothies are full of phytos meaning plant vitamins. The best ones are colorful red, green, and yellow (fruit and vegetables) because they are loaded with antioxidants. These fruits and vegetables help us with the maintenance of antirust in our system, boosting our immunity and preserving our long term health. This is another way we can benefit from making and drinking smoothies.  This recipe on Sugar Free Sunny Hawaiian smoothie is full packed of those important antioxidants and vitamins to boost our immune system. I also like smoothies to help me stabilize my blood sugar level, the reason I say that is because when sipping smoothies my body get to stabilize blood sugar and insulin level. Of course you need to pay attention to your body and avoid to too much carbohydrate absorption so your blood sugar level don’t spike up from added fruits. Another tip to keep in mind be sure your smoothies are high in fiber, protein, and some fat to slow down the sugar rush. Check out this recipe and make it for a treat or a morning boast of vitamin C. Choose to make this recipe and feel free to add other ingredients to make it suit your purpose better. Many times I start with my base recipe and add more fiber from flax seeds, protein powder, nuts, yogurts or kefir for added benefits.


Sugar Free Black Cherry Chocolate Smoothie

The last but and most delicious smoothie I love is this Sugar Free Black Cherry Chocolate Smoothie. Its a healthy mix of frozen fruits with a unsweetened cocoa powder making me believe is a cherry chocolate milk shake. I love this smoothie especially because is full packed with cherries. When I talked earlier of the color of fruits that provides most nutrition is the deeper color foods that is best for us. The deep red skin on the cheeries is full of flavonoids, anthocyanin and antioxidants that keeps brain tissue from rusting. I read a Neuroscietist article talking about how the deep-colored foods like cherries, blackberries, blueberries, contain high levels of antioxidants that keep the blood-brain barrier healthy. It also said these fruits have shown to improve memory and reverse some negative changes our brain goes through with age. I am all about that… I want eat healthy, so I can keep up with my family and maintain a healthy life style. I purposefully choose foods to aid me in the health I want to maintain. I urge you to consider the health benefits we can find in fresh fruits and vegetables and add smoothies to your diet. It can only bring positive health benefits for ourselves. make this recipe or another smoothie recipe on the blog, leave me your feed back I greatly appreciate it.

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Top Sugar Free Smoothies
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