I am a lover of lemons and limes. I’m also a lover of daring my girls to eat them and watching my girls cute little sour faces. But my main point is that there is really nothing better than a nice, cold drink on a hot, sunny day. And that nice, cold drink we’re all looking for is a sugar free limeade! I grow up in Brazil and I had a lime tree in my backyard and we would have fresh lime juice almost daily. It’s the perfect blend of sour and sweet without having all of the calories a normal sugary drink would have because it’s sugar free.
So why wouldn’t you use those delicious limes to make the perfect summer drink? I created this recipe from my family’s recipe of childhood memories where we would have limeade with our meals and on hot summer days. I know so many people that use lemons and limes to add to their sodas, and they basically want the lemon or lime to overpower the actual soda taste, so why waste the calories? With this limeade, you’re getting the flavors you want without having all the sugars, artificial substances, and caffeine that comes with another type of drink.  It’s really so fun and quick to make, it’s also a little twist because I add a little coconut milk, but you can choose any milk substitute works great. And you are actually using the limes to bring the flavor together in a blender. You won’t feel like you have to squeeze the crap out of a lime to add flavor to your drink, it’ll just already be there because you add everything to the blender it’s so practical.

I won’t lie, I am definitely the person that asks for a plate of lemons or limes when I go out to a restaurant. I am always looking for that flavor to take my drink to the next level. But with this sugar free limeade I don’t need to add anything additional, it’s already exactly how I like it! Plus, it’s quick to make and can last the whole day. I make it for parties and everyone loves it, because it’s so unique and flavorful. It’s similar to Brazilian restaurants because it’s a Brazilian recipe of lemonade using limes and milk, lactose free it’s what I prefer to use and Lite&Sweet. Which we all know we need when we’re laying out at the pool with our kids for so many hours or for a large gathering and to impress our friends and family. This limeade makes finding and making the perfect drink as easy and enjoyable as it tastes!

Sugar Free Limeade


2 Limes, peeled and cut into quarters

1/2 cup Lite and Sweet

3 tablespoons coconut milk (or other milk substitute)

3 cups water



Wash limes thoroughly. Peel the limes slightly and cut off ends. Place limes in a. Blender with Lite and Sweet, coconut milk, and water. Blend until it is completely liquified. Thee mixture should be slightly foamy with a whitish color.

Strain the limeade into a jar. Place in refrigerator to cool and serve over ice.

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Sugar Free Limeade
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