No Sugar Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi friends! Pumpkin season is upon us and I can’t go without making cookies.  I especially like this recipe for being the ultimate healthy, soft, and chewy no sugar added pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. No need to stress this is an easy recipe for the best pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that are cozy, decadent and pure comfort food – just without the guilt!

As a kid I always wanted to gather by the kitchen and watch my mother make cookies. I enjoyed the process and always volunteered to help clean the beaters. Now days I can see the same reaction from my girls, they want to experiment and be involved. I gladly accept and welcome their help in the kitchen and hey always been very adventurous in trying new things and flavors when they get the chance to be inclined in the process of putting all the ingredients together.

Pumpkin has not been a very welcoming flavor for the children. They would say no mom its a vegetable I don’t like, everytime I made soup or roasted them. However with cookies they were very happy to help me make the sweet batter of pumpkin spice cookie with chocolate chips. Their eyes were sparking and they wanted to try the batter. They were both surprised how yummy and sweet these cookies tasted.

I love making treats for my family however I am always aware of the ingredients and you can make a cookie that is less calorie and guilt free. Plus the main star ingredient is pumpkin I can feel happy they are eating a sugarless treat that is both healthy and tasty.

I choose to bake with Lite and Sweet mostly because how easy it is to convert recipes from a high calorie, white sugar bad treat that can be harmful and raise your blood sugar for a no sugar healthier option. Lite and Sweet bakes well and taste sweet like sugar. It digests slow and doesn’t raise your blood sugar being a super low glycemic sweetener it’s completely safe for diabetics with a low 3 on the glycemic index. This sweetener is natural and zero carbs, perfect for anyone in a sugar restricted diet.

Luckily now days you can easily find superior ingredients that provides the same taste and satisfaction from the real sweets, but a much better for you option. I used the sweetener instead of sugar and also ordered sugar-free chocolate chips, I recommend chocolate chips that are sweetened with natural sweetness like stevia, xylitol, erythritol, or monk fruit. You can also use carob chip, works great too. You can find the sweetener and healthier chocolate chips at most health food stores, or on amazon.

You can bake a healthier and light cookie, just think that 1 cup of sugar is over 750 empty calories, you can instead be using this very low calorie sweetener, that taste and bakes like sugar with no after taste. It honestly makes me excited to make cookies and cakes. Especially this time of year when we all gather for parties and celebrations. Making a healthy treat never been so easy. Give it a try for yourself and make this recipe or your own recipes by replacing the same amount that it calls for sugar by using Lite and Sweet. You and everyone will love the cookies with same sweet chocolate taste but healthier and guilt free!

Click Here For The Recipe!

No Sugar Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
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