Gluten Free Berry Cobbler

I’ve been reading lots of articles lately in regard to maximizing your thyroid health. Your thyroid its a little gland that sits on the base of our neck, it helps us regulate metabolism, temperature, heartbeat and other functions in our bodies. If it gets unstable we will notice right away because those glads will fail to produce the enough (TH) thyroid hormone and it leads to extra weight gain, being extra tired, depression and increase sensitivity to being cold all the time, etc.  In the other hand your thyroid can be over active producing too much of  TH hormone, and it would  leads to excessively weight loss, irregular heartbeats, extreme sweating, nervousness and irritability.  Its been very educational to learn what thyroid problems look like and the symptoms people go through when realizing their thyroid is underachieve or overactive. Either way is a terrible problem no one wants to have.

I’ve also read reseaches that says thyroid problems not only comes from genetics, autoimmune condition, stress and environmental toxins but also from a poor diet which it can be a heavy factor to lead to thyroid problems. It’s very important to maintain our thyroid heathy and food is a factor that we can completely control. When choosing a recipe to make for my self and family’ satisfaction, I always think what will this food serve me with. I have for a few years been avoiding sugars, especially because refined white sugar has absolutely no value and can only affect our health negatively.  Sugar harms our bodies by raising our blood pressure, stimulating our liver into dumping harmful fats into our bloodstream and increasing our weight especially in our middle section. I love eating a healthy meal and I enjoy eating desserts but I am aware of the  risks we have when choosing to eat sweets.

I can feel a lot more comfortable when choosing a dessert that I can make at home and use healthy sugar free ingredients. This recipe is an excellent combination of gluten free almond flour which I love using it for the extra nutty almond flavor and also the sugar free sweetener Lite and Sweet. You are for sure getting an excellent combination of better for you ingredients when making this dessert. I choose to eat gluten free not because I have a gluten allergy but because eating gluten for every meal slows down our metabolism. So every so often I choose gluten free meals and desserts for the added benefit of restoring and strengthening my thyroid gland. Having a healthy thyroid gland means I can continue to eat desserts in moderation and of course choosing a sugar free option is the absolutely best.

I urge you to try using Lite and Sweet for your cooking and baking. Give it a try. When we are bombarded daily from sugar added meals and snacks I like making the choice for health. Especially when I make  something at home choose Lite and Sweet and you will be completely happy and satisfied with your choice. Lite and Sweet is a natural sweetener blend of xylitol and erythritol. Both excellent sweeteners on its own but a perfect pair together. I love it how is natural, 3 calorie sweetener!

Gluten Free Berry Cobbler Recipe


3 Cups fresh or frozen berries (mix of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries)

1/4 Cup Lite & Sweet

1 Tbsp Cornstarch

1 Tbsp Lemon juice

3 Tbsp Almond meal flour


1 1/2 Cups Almond Flour

1/2 Cup Lite & Sweet

1 1/2 Tsp Baking powder

pinch of salt

1/2 Tbsp Cinnamon

1 large egg, beaten

1/4 Cup Coconut oil, or butter melted


Preheat oven to 375 F degrees. Prepare filling in a large bowl by combining the berries, Lite & Sweet, cornstarch, lemon juice, and almond meal flour tossing to coat. Set aside. Using a 8 to 10 inch cast iron skillet greased with coconut oil or butter pour mixture  and level the berries so they are even distributed. In another mixing bowl prepared the topping by adding the dry ingredients like the almond flour, lite & sweet, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon. Mix until well combine. In a separate small bowl beat the large egg and add the egg and melted coconut oil to the dry ingredients. Mix until the texture of the dry mix began to form clumps. Drop batter by tablespoons onto the berry mixture. Bake for 40-45 minutes or until topping is lightly browned and the berry mixture bubbling. Cool for 10 minutes. Serve with Sugar Free Vanilla Ice Cream.


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Gluten Free Berry Cobbler
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