Developing Healthy Habits -September Edition” Features Recipe

My recipe from was featured in the September edition of “Developing Healthy Habits.” The recipe that was featured were my Sugar-Free Snickerdoodle Cookies. The snickerdoodle cookies are among children’s favorites, but because of its sugar content, people need to curb their cookie consumption. I wanted to help make both ends meet, so I created I came up with a recipe so everyone could enjoy one of my favorite cookies without having to worry about the sugar content. The Sugar-Free Snickerdoodle Cookie recipe is one of my more popular recipes, and got the nod of the editors of this famous publication.

I love these Sugar-Free Snickerdoodle cookies because they make great desserts or snacks. However, the traditional ones are loaded with fat, sodium, and sugar. In this Sugar-Free Snickerdoodle Cookie recipe  I incorporated the fine texture, sweet aroma, and cinnamon goodness that are among the traits of the best snickerdoodle cookies today. Better yet all of these ingredients can be bought over the counter.

“Developing Healthy Habits” is, to quote their website, “the leading source of information for consumer and health related business.” It is an established publication with nationwide print circulation known to be a staunch advocate of a holistic approach towards achieving and maintaining good health. They also send newsletters online for those who prefer to do away with the printed copy.

Among the things the publication focuses on are nutrition-rich food, scientific breakthroughs that aid people’s health, approved supplements, and having an overall healthy lifestyle. They also highlight things – habits, food, or supplements – that we should be avoiding. They don’t just advertise products, they educate people about products that have great effects on the body. Every month they feature a recipe of a great-tasting, yet healthy concoction. September is definitely my month, and I am honored to be published by “Developing Healthy Habits.

I couldn’t be happier about the feature because I have been formulating recipes that marry health benefits and taste for years. I believe that people should find a means to minimize taking in things that are harmful to the body, such as sugar. I have been instrumental in spreading awareness online about alternatives to sugar-rich sweets and desserts. I want housewives and professionals alike to look to me for healthy and delicious recipes that are easy to make at home. To see more of my recipes click here.

Sugar Free Snickerdoodle Cookie

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Developing Healthy Habits -September Edition
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