I love eating salad and I always have to have it for every meal and since Summer is here! Everyone loves easy and good for you salads in the summer right? Here’s 3 delicious and nutritious summer salad recipes to enjoy this summer at home or bring to a BBQ! No cooking required is the way to beat the heat and these pictures will leave your mouth watering!

Sugar Free Classic Chop Salad

These are the best of the best of sugar free salads!  It has a healthy protein and a good portion of greens and veggies, making it a perfect well balanced meal. This Classic Chop Salad has a variety of veggies, proteins and its low calorie sugar free dressing makes all the flavors come together nicely. Lite and Sweet is the product we use in this salad to make it sugar free and it brings the perfect balance of tangy and a hint of sweet marrying the flavors well together for a the perfect combination of classic greens and favorite vegetables.

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Sugar Free Herbed Peach Salad

This Herbed Peach Salad has no added sugar, yet it packed with so much flavor!
There is something about warm weather that just makes me crave fruit! I incorporate in so many dishes  all times, so I love having this herbed peach salad in the fridge.  I also made a very simple yet perfect dressing to accompany the salad. Because when you search for good dressings you become astonished to learn how many had you tossing the beautiful healthy salad  with lots of sugar! But that’s not the case with my Herbed Peach Salad because there is no sugar added when I use Lite and Sweet it’s the perfect recipe.

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Sugar Free Strawberry Salad

This is another recipe that I love and especially when it’s summer and you can buy all kinds of berries I love making this recipe. This is a great salad combining greens and berries.

In my opinion, since fruit is already sweet on it’s own you shouldn’t be adding more sugar to it in your dressing. Instead, I’m all about using more natural ways to enhance fruits natural sweetness. I added citrus and healthy oils to make this dressing, making it fresh and natural. The zest of citrus in this salad really ups that strawberry flavor. However, I like to take it up a step further. And that’s where the other spices come it! If you haven’t added them to your salad before, it’s a must try. All adds a natural sweetness, that compliments the fruit perfectly. Also, that pop of colors makes this easy salad look like one sophisticated dish.


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Sugar Free Key Lime Pie

SUGAR FREE KEY LIME PIE I am always trying to find new, encouraging ways to eat healthy. Especially when it comes to desserts. So what if I told you that the creamy, cool pie that you crave during any time of the year comes as a healthy option? I would like to think...

Sugar Free Iced Coffee Latte

Sugar Free Iced Coffee Latte ·       1/2 cup coffee ·        1/2 cup almond milk  ·        1 tablespoons  Lite&Sweet ·        1 tsp vanilla extract ·        1/4 tsp ground cinnamon ·        ice INSTRUCTIONS: 1.     Mix the coffee, almond milk, Lite&Sweet,...

No Sugar Added Banana Nut Muffins

No Sugar Added Banana Nut Muffins No Sugar Added Banana Nut Muffins Ingredients 1 cup Lite&Sweet 1/2 cup softened butter 2 eggs 3 to 4 medium bananas (about 1 1/2 cup) 1/2 cup buttermilk 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 cups of all purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1...

No Sugar Added Yogurt Corn Bread

No Sugar Added Yogurt Corn Bread When I think of Cornbread I think of comfort food, now with the chilly fall weather fully upon us this is a great football game day spread with beans, greens, or a bowl of chili. We all love the yellow, flaky, sweet bread that melts in...

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