Best Gluten Free No Sugar Added Pumpkin Cheesecake

Hi friends get excited for this recipe! Because I have taken on the all decadent seasonal dessert: pumpkin cheesecake traditional recipe and made it way all new and improved recipe with the same pumpkin pie flavor you want with the cheesecake texture you need, and the low calorie count you deserve!

This recipe will be so satisfying you will want to make it every year around fall season and thanksgiving holiday, because is pumpkin spice-sweet creamy goodness, like all good rich cheesecakes should be. I just made this recipe for my family gathering again this weekend and I can almost taste the cinnamon, ginger and clove still lingering deliciousness taste on the tip of my tongue. Which is becauseI just snuck a bite of the leftovers cheesecake while writing this blog. So yummy.

Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts. I love it so much I usually make it for every time we need a dessert. I have made several clean and less calories cheesecake recipes and if pumpkin is not your favorite flavor no problem try the other recipes I have, its just so good. Another fall cheesecake recipe you can try is the Apple Pie Cheesecake, for chocolate lovers how about a Mudslide Cheesecake or the holiday Cranberry Orange Cheesecake. These are all so good creamy and flavorful recipes you will love.

Don’t be afraid to try this recipe and experiment something with not using sugar. I use a natural sweetener Lite and Sweet because it cooks and bakes like sugar with no bitterness or any aftertaste. Making desserts been more pleasureful because I can eliminate so many calories the I swap the sugar for a healthier natural alternative. It tastes the same sweetness as sugar so you can use it for so many other recipes. The trick with this recipe is to make sure the sweetener is grinded to powder, because Lite and Sweet granules are usually bigger than sugar. I quickly measure out the amount required for the recipe and place it in a high speed food processor, blender or even the bullet blender works great too. Just process it on high for 1-2 minutes until the granules turns to powder. Use this method for custards, frosting and cheesecake so  its smooth and you can enjoy it without feeling grainy granules of sweetener if you don’t.

Its simple to use this sweetener and its excellent for people looking to cut sugar from their diets and for anyone that has a sugar restriction in their diet. Its zero carbs, low calorie and extremely low glycemic index of only 3 in comparison to sugar being 100. Safe and recommended for diabetics, because it digests slow and does’t raise the blood sugar levels. It’s a great sugar replacement and incredible to think you can eat your cheesecake and sweets with out the calories and affecting your negatively. It’s a winner and a must try for you and your family. You can find this sweetener at all health food store, online and at Amazon. Give it a try you will love it. Happy baking and enjoy the season.

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Best Gluten Free No Sugar Added Pumpkin Cheesecake
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